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Jun 5, 2017

  • Dr. MacNamara is a blogger, chiropractor, Christ-follower, coffee lover, cyclist, husband, father, podcaster, public speaker, web designer and WordPress advocate.
  • After graduating from Logan College of Chiropractic in December of 1998, he founded, owned and operated MacNamara Chiropractic, PA, until February of 2005.
  • After selling his practice, Dr. MacNamara has concentrated entirely on teaching chiropractors the importance of Internet marketing.
  • Through his blog, Next Generation Chiropractor, he focuses on blogging, consulting, blog marketing, email marketing, Internet marketing, social media consulting, social media marketing, and social media training.
  • He’s been featured in the Dynamic Chiropractic, DC Practice Insights and Chiropractic Economics.
  • He’s also a web designer for chiropractors, a WordPress consultant, a national speaker and more.

Show Notes

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