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Nov 25, 2016

Dr. Steven Shoshany holds a doctorate degree from Life Chiropractic University and is currently the Clinic Director of Chiropractic New York. He has been a guest on the Dr. Oz show 9 times and most recently appeared on the show to discuss the unfortunate death of model Katie May and any role that chiropractic may have played in her vertebral artery dissection.

Show Notes

  • Appeared on Dr. Oz show 9 times! Spoke about recent episode involving Katie May.
  • AmpLIFEied by Dr. Jason Deitch
  • Gerry Clum – former Life West president
  • Conclusion: Chiropractic is safe.
  • From the autopsy results, it appeared as though her death had to do with the position she was in for an extended period of time.
  • “Bowhunter’s stroke”
  • Overall, chiropractors are very safe, we have low malpractice insurance.
  • The ACA is usually the go-to resource for the media.
  • Improving communication – patients can tell if you are not being genuine. Give choices!
  • Get out of your comfort zone. Put in the sweat equity.
  • Tips for the new doc: Establish your brand, Talk to people, Get out of the office.
  • Tips for the experienced doc: Get out of the office and bring people in.
  • Lesson learned: understand your demographic and don’t spend too much money on advertising. Online platforms are important!
  • ZocDoc - $3,000 per year
  • Anthony Robbins’ books and cassettes, Netflix documentary
  • Get up early and GO!
  • Favorite book: The Art of War
  • Best business advice: from his accountant- “Everything is a business expense”
  • Contact Dr. Steven Shoshany on Instagram, Facebook

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