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Nov 28, 2016

Dr. Ben Rall ran 1000+ visit per week, all cash, family wellness practice in the Midwest. His passion is paying forward by teaching the big idea, to those who have never heard it.” He proved that by consistently hosting 200-300 people in his monthly office lay lectures. His clinical and practice success allowed him to help manage over 450 chiropractic clinics across the globe.  He has helped open clinics in Africa, traveled around the world teaching chiropractic and delivering care, and even provide care for Olympic athletes including the 2012 games in London.  He currently resides in Atlanta GA with his beautiful wife Megan and 2 subluxation free children, Jack and Grace.
Show Notes
  • Listening to Reggie Gold speak inspired him to become a chiropractor. “Chemistry of Life”
  • “If you were the only one to know about chiropractic, would it survive?” – Reggie Gold
  • Dr. Rall shares his personal chiropractic miracle story, then how he was afraid of what people thought.
  • Dr. Rall turned his practice around by simply speaking the truth about chiropractic to his patients.
  • Vitalistic model of care, instead of disease model.
  • Cooperative Wellness by Dr. Ben Rall.
  • Employers want their employees healthy, they are on your side.
  • For the new doc – you need to be able to speak publicly about chiropractic!
  • For an experienced doc – you need to develop a strong team!
  • Success = influence and impact, and doing it with love.
  • Daily rituals – reading scriptures, meditation, exercise, family time
  • Favorite Books: The Bible, Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, Ryan Holiday’s Ego is the Enemy
  • Best business advice from Sid Williams: “You always have to keep your serving hand above your business hand.”
  • Best way to contact him is through Facebook
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