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Lifestyle Practice Builders for Chiropractors

Jan 23, 2017

  • Jim Akers has a lifelong desire to be the best and focuses on helping people “get success right.”  Getting success right means understanding and prioritizing the roles we play and aligning our time, talent and money with our most important roles in order to increase the quality of our impact on our family, our work, and our community.
  • He graduated from Washington State University and holds an M.B.A. from Pepperdine University. He started his career is sales where he won numerous sales awards with Northwestern Mutual Life, Owens-Corning Fiberglas and International Paper. Mr. Akers was one of the youngest Group Vice Presidents in International Paper history where he lead a $1 billion dollar business with over 1,200 employees. He is the author of three books including his latest "Tape Breakers—Maximize Your Impact with the People You Love Teams You Lead and Causes that Stir Your Heart which was a #1 New Release on Amazon. After 25 years in senior corporate leadership, he took the opportunity to pursue his love of coaching, speaking and writing and formed J. D. Akers & Associates.  

Show Notes

  • Sales background – influencing people to take action. Everybody sells!
  • Ability to ask open-ended questions – “tell me how you’re doing; what’s your biggest area of concern?”
  • “Trust is built of 2 qualities: Character and Competency.”
  • Hard work is very important in success.
  • Tape Breakers By Jim Akers
  • “Why” is your purpose for doing anything
  • Who is your coach? Do you have a plan?
  • “Everyone has the same amount of time, but what differentiates us is how we spend it.”
  • How much time do you allocate to professional time? to person growth time?
  • Theres never a good time to start something new, might as well do it now.
  • If you read 15 minutes per day- 30 books in a year!
  • Look at the amount of time you are wasting – write down what you are doing in 30 minute increments for one week.
  • “Life is really a series of yes and no answers.”
  • Keys to communication: Keep it simple (Elevator Speech in 30-60 seconds). Work on questioning skills. Surround yourself with good people.
  • Gain clarity of your destination.
  • “Feedback is the breakfast of champions,” said Ken Blanchard.
  • Who do you want to remembered by? What do you want to be remembered for? – Focus on the important things.
  • Great leaders care about people professional and personnally. The best leaders are servants.
  • People will work for: a Leader, a cause, money.
  • 5:1 Positive affirmations to Correction.
  • Can employees name top 5 important things about their job?
  • Train employees and make expectations clear.
  • Actionable content: What is your vision? How have you communicated the vision? Get someone to evaluate your business – Feedback.
  • Lesson learned: Engaging a coach can expedite a process you may struggle with.
  • Personal hero: His father
  • Daily schedule: Business development, Content Development, Personal Development
  • Favorite book: Good to Great in God’s Eyes
  • Best business advice: “If you put your family first, youll never be disappointed.”
  • Text CHIRO1121 to 33444 for Impact Planning Tool - 6 Steps to Your Best Day Ever

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