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Nov 23, 2016

Betsy Pake is an entrepreneur, award-winning business achiever, competitive weight lifter and success coach who hosts the popular podcast, The Art of Living Big. She earned her BA in Psychology in 1994 at Castleton University in Vermont and is certified in Precision Nutrition and as an Infinite Possibilities Trainer.  She is currently working on her NLP Practitioner Certification. Betsy's mission is to help inspire others to thrive through change and live their Big Life. Her latest book, Start Small Live Big, speaks to that ideal. She speaks to companies and non-profits on how to impact their organizations with individual leadership and team building by focusing on Starting Small. She loves a good tailgate, the beach and she'd push you out of the way for some goat cheesecake. She's the author of the best selling book, Become A Nutrition Ninja and lives outside Atlanta GA with her husband Craig and daughter Olive.

Show Notes

  • Cross-fit athletes are chiropractic patients! Try to partner with a cross-fit gym!
  • Having sales experience can help you "sell" chiropractic. but these skills can be learned even if the concepts are new to you!
  • When talking to a patients, listen to the words people are using, and reinforce what they are saying.
  • Show empathy for a person by using, “Feel, Felt, Found” and discovering the persons concerns.
  • Big Life – greatness, success for you.
  • When you get uncomfortable is when you start to grow.
  • Start Small Live Big
  • “The Chase Method”
  • You have to be constantly re-adjusting yourself as you are going through life.
  • Fear means go!
  • First, get a vision. It is common for people to know what they DON’T want.
  • Get clear on what you WANT.
  • Betsy shares success stories of her clients.
  • “When it’s your business, you are going to love it the most”
  • Give people ownership in your business to get them excited about your business.
  • Actionable content: Start small, take a tiny step toward the goal then you will find the motivation.
  • “We are like candles. We don’t know how useful we are until we are in the dark.”
  • Lesson learned: Don’t be afraid of dealing with pain.
  • Success = Dwayne Cummings “A Sensational Life
  • The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod
  • Daily rituals: Meditations, visualizations, “That’s Right” game
  • Medical Medium
  • “Betsy’s favorite things” on website has a list of books.
  • Best Business advice: “Stay in your zone of greatness”
  • Contact:,Social Media @betsypake

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