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Nov 30, 2016

Over the course of 14 years Dr. Fred DiDomenico opened four successful spinal corrective chiropractic practices in three states treating over 500 to 700 patients a week. A 1987 graduate of the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, he quickly found the philosophy of chiropractic after school and elevated his life purpose to help as many people as possible understand and live this philosophy and lifestyle.Since chiropractic principle is truth, he believes spinal correction was the highest, most powerful application of the principle. He believes subluxated, diseased people can become corrected, healthy and live the principle of an optimal spine/optimal health lifestyle. He endeavored to become his best with spinal correction and an inspirational leader with powerful communication, team and practice building skills to reach his vision and calling on a global scale in this life. In 14 years of practice he had 4 spinal corrective practice that were CBP based in 3 states seeing an average of 550 – over 700 a week that were created from their inception. Dr. Fred began working with Pettibon in 2002, became an instructor and in 2008 began a close, united relationship with CBP attending over 100 hours a year of technique seminars becoming the most qualified coach for spinal corrective practices. He coupled this with professional communication training in 5 systems for the last 18 years and continues today. The most predominant communication systems are NLP and Life Coaching, similar to the most effective and sought after business coaches in the world today.

Show Notes

  • Chiropractic chooses you, not the other way around.
  • “If we are going to be a ruler of many, we have to be faithful with One”
  • We take for granted that we have a gift as chiropractors. We need to raise the bar and standards.
  • Tony Robbins – we can model his methods of self-empowerment
  • “The power of your life is based on the power of the questions you ask yourself.”
  • Self-empowerment with health application = chiropractic
  • Mindset and systems grow your practice.
  • Elite Coaching: 40% growth after the experience of his coaching programs.
  • Communication is the foundation of success.
  • Elite focuses on creating inspired leaders – lifetime relationships, patients refer to you, long-term goals.
  • Successful people call the coaches and they want freedom.
  • Doc must have total purpose, must follow systems, set the bar high, team has to live the purpose.
  • Have bonus systems to inspire and reward the team members.
  • “Being inspired has energy of growth”
  • Build a culture instead of marketing. Have 10-15 business in the community that will refer to you (people that align with your values).
  • Get a coach with similar core values.
  • “If you are willing to risk everything, you will gain everything.”
  • Lesson learned: be smart enough to pay attention and know your responsibility to your purpose.
  • We are a piece of something bigger! Serve to your highest ability and live by faith.
  • Daily rituals: Affirmations, visualizations, spinal therapy, exercise, read bible, takes about 45 minutes.
  • Every great leader has rituals!
  • Favorite book: The Seven Spirtual Laws of Success
  • Advice: When you love people and add as much value to relationships as you can, you will be successful. From Tony Robbins.
  • 949-791-2986

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