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Lifestyle Practice Builders for Chiropractors

Sep 6, 2016

Dr. Day talks with Lisa Engle about the role of mothers as "directors of healthcare" for their families and how chiropractors can make better connections with moms.

Lisa Engel is the founder and owner OptiMOM Coaching whose mission is to inspire, express, support, empower, equip, ​reflect, and ​facilitate the optimal expression ​of healthy and authentic mothering potential. In addition to coaching individuals, she works with healthcare providers, churches and other organizations to help them become experts in their field by showing them how to teach their patients to tie their choices to their values and choose health for THEIR reasons and not because anyone told them to or that they "should". She has recently been featured on and in Chiropractic Economics magazine. She has been a new mom, young mom, old mom, a stay at home mom, a working mom and more. Needless to say, she understands the way moms think and can help you better understand and relate to your patients who are also moms.